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Almost the most used space in the house yet the most neglected! The laundry is treated as the poor relative to its glamorous cousins the kitchen and bathroom. Often an afterthought in planning and design with leftover tiles and cheaper product used to finish it off. With care and consideration, the laundry can shine as brightly as more visible parts of the home. A well laid out laundry can reduce tedious tasks. A well designed laundry can enable the flow of the home to continue uninterrupted when there is a place for everything and everything in its place! Laundries can be found in kitchen cupboards, bathroom cupboards, hallway cupboards or be in a room of their own. Good design may mean a rail to hang freshly ironed shirts, a storage nook for baskets when not in use or high cupboards to store baggage and Christmas decorations. Put the design time into your laundry and it will reward you one hundred fold.