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As times have changed and our view of our world has become more uncertain, our homes have become more pivotal to our sense of security. The old saying “home is where the heart is” has never been more true as we spend more time and thought in making our kitchens or “hub of the house” a place where we can entertain friends and family. Focus has turned inwards. Showcasing a treasured family collection can provide a strong focal point and tell a story of the people living in the space. Sharp lines and strong rectangular shapes are being replaced by rounded curved edges coupled with asymmetric shapes defined by the gentler shades. The old adage “less is more”, provide what is needed and what is useful with nothing more is still so relevant. With more entertainment happening at home, our aspirations for our kitchens has increased. Separate large walk-in pantries (if space allows) provide privacy where all workings of the area can be undertaken but hidden away from all to see and of course a great storage area!